Callaway Spring/Summer 2021

43 42 MEN'S SIZES NECK Measure at bottom around entire neck CHEST WIDTH Measure 1” below armpit around entire torso WAIST Measure around your waist at the narrowest part of your lower torso Men’s Shirts S M L XL XXL XXXL Neck 14½- 15 15½- 16 16½- 17 17½- 18 18½- 19 19½-20 Chest Width 36 - 38 39 -41 42 - 44 45 - 47 48-50 51 -53 Waist 28 - 30 32 - 34 36 - 38 40 - 42 44 - 46 48 - 50 Men’s Shorts & Pants Sizes Waist 28 - 30 32 - 34 36 - 38 40 - 42 44 - 46 Bigs Shirts Sizes 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X Neck 17½- 18 18½- 19 19½-20 20½-21 21½-22 Chest Width 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62 64-66 Waist 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 Big & Tall : 6’4” and over Shirts Sizes LT XLT 2XLT 3XLT 4XLT Neck 16½- 17 17½- 18 18½- 19 19½-20 20½-21 Chest Width 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62 Waist 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 Women's Sizes XS S M L XL XXL Number Size 2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16 18 Bust 33 34⅛-35¼ 36¼-37¼ 38¾-40⅜ 42-43 44 Waist 25⅜ 26⅛-27 28-29 30¾- 32½ 33½-35 37-38 Hips 35⅞ 37⅛-38¼ 39¼-40¼ 41¾-43¼ 45-47 47-48 WOMEN'S SIZES BUST With your arms relaxed at your side, measure the bust line at the fullest part of your chest. Pull tape tight without changing the shape of your breasts. WAIST With loose tape, measure around your torso at the smallest part of your waist. HIPS Wrap a measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your bottom. Be sure the tape is flat against your body and parallel to the floor. MEN'S & WOMEN’S SIZE CHARTS SIZES ARE BASED ON YOUR ACTUAL NUDE BODY MEASUREMENTS. MEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 1 2 CGKSB0J7 Art Deco Foulard Printed Polo CGKSB0J2 SS Eng. Jaspe Chest Stripe Polo CGKSB0G4 SS Blocked Mini Printed Chevron Polo CGKSB0F5 SS Oxford Stripe Polo CGKSB0F3 All-Over Classic Plaid Printed Polo CGKSB0P2 L/S Mixed Media 1/4 Zip MEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 2 3 CGKFA034 SWING TECH™ Engineered Printed Polo CGKFA084 SWING TECH™ Novelty Printed Polo CGKFA0A7 SWING TECH™ Signature Yarn Dyed Block Polo CGKFA0A8 Oxford Yarn Dyed All-Over Stripe Polo CGKFA086 SWING TECH™ All-Over Geo-Printed Polo MEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 3 4 CGKSB0G0 SS All-Over Mini Floral Printed Polo CGKSA0J4 SS Yarn Dyed Birdseye Block Polo CGKSB0J2 SS Engineered Jaspe Chest Stripe Polo CGKR9041 All-Over Gingham Printed Polo CGKSB0G2 SS All-Over Hummingbird Printed Polo CGKSB0J9 SWING TECH™ SS All-Over Chevron Twill Polo MEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 4 5 CGKSB0G9 SS Fine Line Roadmap Stripe Polo CGKSB0G6 SS Engineered Micro Geo Jacquard CGKSB0G7 SS All-Over Countour Printed Polo CGKSB0F6 SS Structured Floral Printed Polo CGKSB0J5 SS Engineered Vent Stripe Polo MEN’S ESSENTIAL POLOS 6 CGKS8002 Micro Hex Solid Polo CGKSB0Q3 Fine Line Ventilated Striped Polo 7 CGKS8055 3-Color Yarn Dyed Polo CGKSB0H0 Ventilated Heather Jacquard Polo 8 CGKSA0J4 SS Yarn Dyed Birdseye Block Polo CGKR9041 All-Over Gingham Printed Polo 9 CGKSB0J9 SWING TECH™ SS All-Over Chevron Twill Polo CGKS80U4 Tournament Polo 10 CGKFA011 Premium Yarn Long Sleeve Polo MEN’S ESSENTIAL BOTTOMS 12 CGBFA030 SWING TECH™ Heather Ergo Short with 9" Inseam CGBR9051 Classic Short with 9" Inseam CGBS7077 10" Lightweight Tech Short with Active Waistband 13 CGBS70Q9 Classic Pant CGBS7018 Lightweight Tech Pant with Active Stretch Waistband 15 CGBFA0N1 Classic Pant MEN’S WEATHER SERIES 16 CGGR8014 L/S 1/4 Zip Mock Merino Wool Sweater CGKFA0L6 SWING TECH™ Dual Action Aquapel 1/4 Zip 17 CGKF9058 1/4-Zip Wa´e Fleece (Midlayer) CGKFA0J9 Premium Yarn 1/4-Zip with SWING TECH™ 18 CGKFA0B7 Long Sleeve Ottoman Fleece CGKFA027 Pu«er Vest CGKFA0C6 SWING TECH™ Lightweight Aquapel 1/4 Zip CGKFA0B5 Pu«er Jacket 19 CGRF90L6 1/4-Zip Color Block Windshirt CGRF90L5 1/4-Zip Color Block Wind Jacket 20 CGRF90L7 Full-Zip Color Block Windshirt CGRF90L8 Stormguard Waterproof Jacket CGBF90E1 Waterproof Pant (29" & 31" Inseam) MEN’S BELTS 21 CGAR9006 Men's Perforated Belt with Breathable Mesh and Stretch CGAR9008 Men's Fabric Stretch Belt CGAR9005 Men's Reversible Leather Belt CGAS90Z9 Men's Cut-To-Fit Stretch Web Belt WOMEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 1 23 CGKSB016 Short Sleeve Noveau Print with Mandarin Collar CGKSB017 18" Arte Noveau Print Skort with Pleated Edge CGKSB019 Short Sleeve Umbrella Print Polo with Mock Collar CGKSB020 18" Umbrella Print Faux Wrap Skort with Pleated Edge CGKSB025 Short Sleeve Deco Geo SWING TECH™ Polo CGKBSB26 18" Deco Geo Skort with Front & Back Slits 24 CGKSB023 1/2 Sleeve Printed Stripe Polo with Contrast Neck WOMEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 2 25 CGKSB034 Sleeveless Hummingbird Print Polo with Ruffles CGKBSB35 18" Hummingbird Print Culotte Shorts CGKSB0Y1 Soft Focus Floral Polo with SWING TECH™ CGKBSB37 18" Soft Focus Floral Skort with Asymmetric Hem CGKFA051 Short Sleeve Ribbon Floral Print Polo with Ruffles CGKFA049 Sleeveles Engineered Roadmap Stripe Zip Polo 26 CGBS6016 17" Opti-Dri Knit Skort with Tummy Control CGKBFA65 18" Herringbone Print Skort CGBFA061 22" Small Scale Herringbone Print Capr i CGQFA059 Sleeveless Color Block Dress with Mesh Yoke and Keyhole 27 CGKFA054 Short Sleeve Umbrella Print Conversational Polo CGKFA050 Sleeveless Placement Leaf Print Polo with Scallop CGKSA0A7 Short Sleeve Essential Solid SWING TECH™ Polo CGKFA042 Long Sleeve Sun Protection 1/4 Zip with Floral Print CGKFA043 Long Sleeve Sun Protection 1/4 with Umbrella Print WOMEN’S FASHION DELIVERY 3 28 CGKB042 1/2 Sleeve All Over Brush Stroke Floral Polo CGKBSB45 18" All-Over Brush Stroke Floral Skort CGKSB043 SS All-Over Chevron Birdie Printed Polo CGKBSB48 18" Placed Chevron Birdie Skort with Side Blocking CGQSB057 Sleveless Open Floral Print Dress with Scallop WOMEN’S ESSENTIAL TOPS 30 CGKSA0A7 SWING TECH™ Solid Knit Polo CGKSA0A4 Sleeveless Essential Solid Knit Polo 31 CGKSB065 Short Sleeve Tonal Color Block Heather Polo 32 CGKSA095 SWING TECH™ Color Block Polo CGKSA046 Sleeveless Solid Knit Polo 33 CGKSB040 All-Over Chevron Floral Printed Polo CGKF8044 SWING TECH™ 3/4 Sleeve Polo 34 CGKS80V0 Tournament Polo WOMEN'S TRUESCULPT SKORTS 36 CGKBSB73 17" Skort Heather Perforated with Front Curved Hem CGBS6016 17" Opti-Dri Knit Skort with Tummy Control CGKBSA20 17" Contrast Wrap Skort WOMEN’S ESSENTIAL BOTTOMS 37 CGBF9020 9 1/2" Inseam Tech Stretch Short CGBF9021 Tech Stretch Trouser WOMEN’S WEATHER SERIES 38 CGKS80E2 SWING TECH™ Long Sleeve Sun Protection CGQS9000 36" Sleeveless Polo Dress CGQSB027 SWING TECH™ Short Sleeve Color Block Dress 39 CGJF80U5 Full Zip Wa´e Fleece Jacket CGKSB075 LS Sun Protection 1/4" Zip with Hummingbird Print CGKSB066 LS Sun Protection 1/4" Zip with Umbrella Print 40 CGJFA0D3 Jacket with Mixed Quilting & Fleece Panels CGVFA0D4 Pu«er Vest with Fleece Panels CGJFA068 LS Dual Action Fleece Full-Zip Jacket CGVSA068 Lightweight Quilted Vest 41 CGRF9064 Full Zip Windwear Jacket CGJF80D0 Waterproof Jacket with Tonal Panels CGBF80D1 Waterproof Pant (28" & 31" Inseams) CATALOG INDEX